Partnerships are formed at Armin's Catering.

Q: Why does Armin's Catering recommend other vendors to our clients?

A: Much like the Event Planner working with the Executive Chef, the Photographer needs to have a great working relationship with Florist and so on.

When you hire Armin's Catering, you get the whole team - working together and delivering a truly great event. Our partners become part of out team and only add to the event's success.

Because you expect the very best from Armin's Catering staff, our food, and our presentations, we only recommend true professionals that delivers the highest level of service.

We receive many requests to partner with vendors such as Music, Photography, Floral and more. We pay attention to details and determine if a vendor shares Armin's Catering values, review their portfolio, talk to past clients and finally let them assist on one of our small events.  Because we want to form a partnership with this vendor, we need to be able to work together as well.

If we include them on our Partners page, we stand behind them and are happy to have them as part of out team.